After years in online marketing, we felt frustrated.

It seemed that everyone wanted to attract as many visitors to the website as possible, rather than attracting customers. People thought that just clicking on ads would magically make more people buy.

The problem was that clients didn’t know how to write content for their website without boring people with details. 🥱

In some cases, it was so difficult that the creation of the website was delayed for half a year. People were unable to look at their business through the eyes of customers. Through the eyes of someone who is visiting their website for the first time and is looking for benefits, who has a problem to solve and is looking for help.

We realized that for websites to be effective and for business owners to not be tired of writing content, we must learn to write it for them.

That’s why we entered the world of marketing storytelling and built the Selling Story method 💡 through which we clearly present business offers in a language that customers want to listen to.

That’s what we do – Magda and Lech. A married couple who can listen, ask good questions and extract the essence.

We listen to your story, get to the heart of what you offer and get to the bottom of what you really have to offer the world. We use this to build websites and sales content 💰. We clearly show the benefits your customer comes for and the problems you will solve for them.

We know that a website is a big investment and that you don’t want to waste time or money on things that don’t work. You need people you can trust.

Marketers, who listen carefully

“The results are better than we expected.”

“Magda and Lech developed and improved the layout, content and user experience of our website and our purchasing process. They did it perfectly – the insights were spot on, the work ethic was at its best, the results were better than we expected. My highest recommendations!”

Darius Koklevicius
Owner at Timber Cabins, Lithuania

Your web designers

Apparently most people wouldn’t want to work with their spouse. We are somehow driven together by discovering the strengths of businesses and building websites from them.

ChatGPT has become a member of our team. We named him Mike to make him more like a colleague. 😊


Brand Storyteller


Sales Copy & Web Design

Chat GPT
(A.K.A. Mike)

Sales Copy Consultant

You will like us if you appreciate

Truth Mindfulness Responsibility People

We don’t use shady tactics just to achieve our goals

This is what we build our lives on – our marriage, parenting (we have three), relationships with family and friends, and finally, business.

We believe that you sincerely want to help others and that you truly provide value to them.

To discover something, you have to ask good questions and listen

We do not push one solution or magical template that will grow your business. We have good ears, analytical heads, and proven processes.

We know you don’t want to have 5 different marketing guys

If an unexpected topic comes up, we will help or direct you to someone who knows the subject better.

We know you need one place where you can ask about your marketing.

We design for people, not just algorithms

Without understanding a person, it is difficult to give him what will really help solve his problem. We don’t believe in generic content that fits everyone and ends up fitting no one.

Build a website with us and sell products and services through the power of storytelling

Find out what impression your website makes on customers.

Send us your website. We will send you a video with tips on what to improve.