The process of creating an effective website

You will finally have a website that people will read and understand what you do.

Step 1

Offer and Selling Story 💰

Many entrepreneurs need help to clearly convey the value of their offer. That’s why we first need to understand what you’re giving your customers.

2 online meetings, 2 hours each. We will ask a lot of questions and listen carefully. Customers say that it organizes their thinking about their business.

This will create a marketing script that we will use to write content for the website. We call it Selling Story. It’s a bit like a movie script.

Investment: €2,000 net
Duration: 1-2 weeks
What you get: Selling Story and clarity in your head

Step 2

Compelling content ✏️

People tell us they hate poring over writing content. We write them for you so you don’t have to get angry and get a doctorate in copywriting and marketing.

Together, we will determine what pages you need, and then we will take over and write content for them.

You will get the so-called layouts, which show how things will be arranged within each page. You will see where the photos, texts, and headlines will be.

Expect explicit, compelling content that accurately reflects what you do and the value you deliver to customers.

Investment: from €2,000 net (for the home page, contact page, and 2 subpages)
Duration: 2-4 weeks
What you get: Ready-to-use content for the website, a satisfaction guarantee

Guarantee that the content will be top-end: We will show you the home page first. If you see that it’s not what you were hoping for, pay what you think is fair. Or don’t pay us at all. You can take your Selling Story to another agency or freelancer and create a site with them. No hard feelings.

Step 3 (optional)

Design and launching it online 🖥️

You can turn content and layouts into a website yourself or with someone else.

If you go into this with us, we will meet online to analyze other sites that will serve as a reference for us. We want to understand your taste and vision.

Then, we will create a graphic design for the home page, and meet online to hear your opinion. If we hit the fence, we will create a second version.

After approval, we will move the project to the remaining subpages and from design to implementation. We want the websites to be convenient on mobile phones.

Investment: from €3,000 net (for the home page, contact page, and 2 subpages)
Duration: 2-4 weeks
What you get: A WordPress website you’ll be proud of

Step 4 (optional)

Support in small matters 🛠️

Some people take care of their websites themselves, and some don’t care about it at all.

If you want to add new pages and edit content yourself, you will receive a series of video tutorials that will show you how to do it.

These short, practical videos will be available on the website’s administration panel.

However, if you need continuous support, we will take care of updates and minor work if, for example, a new function needs to be added.

Investment: €100 monthly
What you get: One hour of support per month + 2 website updates per year
(Don’t worry; the unused hour is transferred to the next month.)

Schedule a 30-minute conversation, and let's create an action plan.


Our website building process starts from €4,000 net. In the case of larger sites it reaches up to €15,000 Is this range within your budget?

Long story short:

Do you have any questions?

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